We are highly successful educational consultancy agency focusing on student consultations and recruitments based in Dubai.

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About Us

The agency was founded by Dr. JUMA ABU NASRA, a former university lecturer and PHD holder in higher education leadership and management, in 2000.

We are considered to be one of the most trustful and qualified providers of student recruitment and consultation to overseas institutions and universities in UK, USA, CANADA, EUROPE and AUSTRALIA offering our students the highest standard of quality services in terms of registration, recruitment, admission, course selection, career advisors, future guidance ship and so many other services in a way that will help our parents and students find their proper pathway at affordable agency fees, which will enable all applicants to feel contented dealing us.

Since year 2000 till date, we have recruited more than 9,860 students, genuine database from UAE market. Our reputation and accreditation in the market, was gained from the trustful and morality relation we exert with our customers.

Our main objective, is to recruit sincere students for appropriate international opportunity. We don’t believe of quantity as much as we believe in quality of students.

Our extensive global network of education providers and highly ranked schools, colleges and universities is our first-class carrier to success. We add universities or colleges to our chain based their international global higher education ranking and accreditation. In today’s world is very essential and our responsibility as education ambassadors in the region to conduct education verification and investigation before we pathway any commitment with our students or sincere seekers.

We always stress in long productive relationship with our providers. We work on developing the market potentials, opportunities and strengths to maintain a healthy business performance around the year.

Our vibrant marketing communication mix is vital role we consecutively implement to make sure our market awareness is being impacted promptly. Applied promotional mix activities too, is one of the most encouraging process to gain re-action.

The Middle East market has been effected with many demographical and political influences for the past number of years, which has created undesirable divert to our market perception and reaction to our line of business. It is a great challenge for us to keep track and face factors steadily to handle all requirements and tailor all packages to meet the student need and future stability.

Our Network

Our trustful Educational network has recognition of trustful international education associations, and many more!

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